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It’s far from a coincidence that Reliance Auto Test has opened a second car garage in Bicester. Our High Wycombe outlet combines the experience of our technicians and our company to give local motorists complete car servicing and car repair solutions. We cover everything from brake repair and clutch repair work to advanced engine management and auto electrics – all from a popular workshop with the trade’s most advanced equipment.

We look at four of our core services in more detail on this page.

Car Repairs and Diagnostics

Like any good car garage in the High Wycombe area, we perform mechanical car repair work on all manufacturer marques. Mechanical troubleshooting is never a problem for our team, but some workshops are still way behind us when it comes to technology. The modern car repair sector relies heavily on engine management, and it requires some of the most innovative equipment to get to the heart of subsystem issues both quickly and affordably.

Engine diagnostics plays a role in much of our car repair work these days. The technicians at our car garage in High Wycombe plug code readers into the ECU port of your vehicle to identify the causes of component failure and auto electrical issues. Dashboard warning lights indicate a problem with your vehicle, so contact us quickly as soon as a fault appears. We have the engine management and car repair services needed for the modern age.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes need to be at their best for perfect performance in all weather conditions so, if you have experienced noises, erratic pulling, abnormal slowing speeds or a spongey pedal, book in for brake repair work at our High Wycombe car garage. We replace discs, pads, drums and shoes, and also tend to more complex parts such as callipers and slave cylinders.

  • Call 01494 473777 to make an appointment with our dedicated technicians
  • We perform a full check of the braking system to see which parts have worn
  • Our technicians provide a full report including an estimate for brake repair work
  • We provide High Wycombe customers with a reassuring parts and labour guarantee

To reduce the need for brake repair work, we recommend a professional inspection every 12 months or 10,000 miles on top of a full car servicing package – ideally before the winter sets in. Motorists in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire should also keep aware of any changes in driving characteristics that might be indicative of needing brake repair work.

Clutch Repairs

At Reliance Auto Test, we believe the transmission system on your vehicle to be just as important as the brakes. That’s why we perform clutch repairs at our High Wycombe garage on a responsive basis and replace worn parts to eliminate the potential cost of more detailed repairs in the future. We fit clutches and transmission parts at competitive rates.

Slipping clutches reduce the delivery of power to a vehicle and compromise performance when changing gear. You may not need major clutch repair work because our technicians often make a few simple adjustments to increase the amount of power delivered to the drive wheels. Reliance Auto Test offers an honest appraisal of your clutch repair needs.

If you drive a car in High Wycombe or Buckinghamshire and feel unsure as to whether you need to book in for our clutch repair services, start your vehicle on a flat road and engage the 3rd gear. Release the handbrake and the clutch slowly, and your car should stall. If it doesn’t, or if the engine labours, call Reliance Auto Test to arrange a prompt inspection.

Car Servicing

One of the best ways to limit the cost of car repair work is to book into workshop in High Wycombe at specified intervals for car servicing. This is a maintenance program for your vehicle based on the number of miles you drive each year. Full car servicing is a 12 month or 12,000 mile package which has upwards of 54 points for our technicians to check.

Interim car servicing covers approximately 40 points. Although many of our High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire customers consider it to be little more than an oil and filter change, it is still a comprehensive form of maintenance for drivers who cover more than 6,000 miles in the first 6 months covering a full service – a very important distinction between the two.

Having a car serviced at specified manufacturer interval helps performance and improves fuel economy. Perhaps more importantly, car servicing keeps the engine clean and helps in preventing the premature wear of moving engine parts. Reliance Auto Test combines full or interim car servicing with MOT testing to provide local motorists with lower inclusive prices.

Areas We Cover

  • High Wycombe
  • Marlow
  • Maidenhead
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  • Stokenchurch
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  • Amersham
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