Official TerraClean DPF Cleaning in High Wycombe & Marlow

Reliance Auto Test is proud to be the High Wycombe and Marlow areas’ local provider of DPF cleaning. As one of the UK’s 500+ official TerraClean dealers, we have access to cutting edge, patented technology that allows for fast and effective cleaning of pollutants that have built up in diesel particle filters (DPFs). This can significantly improve engine performance, reduce harmful emissions and save you money by helping maintain essential components.


While there are alternatives to DPF cleaning available in the High Wycombe and Marlow areas, they either prove too basic and inefficient or are carried out with hydrogen-based technology – which is simply less effective. TerraClean is the gold standard for DPF cleaning, and that’s why we invested in their technology: so we’re consistent with the approach we also take to car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing – the pursuit of excellence.


What’s a DPF & How Does DPF Cleaning Function?


If you drive a diesel vehicle, you’re required by law to have a diesel particle filter (DPF) fitted. As their name suggests, they filter out toxic pollutants and reduce overall emissions. They self-clean through a process called regeneration, however, over time they can get clogged with ash and soot and this process becomes increasingly less effective (often due to a related component malfunctioning). Ultimately, this leads to self-regeneration becoming impossible and a subsequent drop-off in engine performance. This is why TerraClean DPF cleaning, as offered by High Wycombe and Marlow’s Reliance Auto Test, is a vital automotive maintenance procedure.


But how do you know when DPF cleaning is required? Most vehicles should have a dedicated warning light that illuminates when DPF issues are detected; your manufacturer’s handbook should help you identify this light. However, it may simply be that you notice a falling level of performance and visit our car garage for diagnostics. While there are many reasons why an engine may begin to perform poorly, the DPF is a fairly common culprit amongst diesel vehicles.


TerraClean technology allows for both preventative DPF cleaning and reactive DPF cleaning; the former is recommended if it’s been a long-while since you had your DPF cleaned, and you wish to prevent blockage; the latter is a more intensive and a distinctly separate service that deals with blocked filters that are no longer operating correctly. While not every garage has the technology and training to provide both services, we do in fact offer both preventative and reactive cleaning to our High Wycombe and Marlow clients. The essential idea behind each service, despite their levels of intensity, is the removal of accumulated particles in a safe, efficient manner which does not damage the filter (something alternative means of cleaning could in fact do).


For more information about DPF cleaning, or to book in this vital maintenance procedure at Reliance Auto Test in High Wycombe (a short drive from Marlow), call 01494 473 777.

Call 01494 473777 to book in for car servicing or car repair work at our original car garage in High Wycombe.


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